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Hundreds of patients taking Actos to help control their Type 2 diabetes have been suffering the after-effects of the drug. At the Phillips Law Offices, our attorneys are following news regarding the lawsuits intently. We understand that decisions made in one Actos case could end up impacting our own clients here in Chicago and across the country.

If you decide to file an Actos lawsuit, know that you’re not alone. There are hundreds of lawsuits pending in the federal courts, and new cases are being filed every day at the state level. In order to keep the judicial process running as smoothly and as efficiently as possible, all federal Actos lawsuits are now part of multi-district litigation — or MDL, for short. If you decide to file a claim in the state of Illinois, the 65 years of combined experience of the attorneys at the Phillips Law Offices may help.

Common reasons for filing an Actos lawsuit

We help people with various reasons for filing personal injury lawsuits. Lawsuits against large companies are usually of the following types:

  • Medical: You’re seeking compensation for medical expenses you may have incurred during your use of the drug.
  • Pain and suffering: The cost of your medical maladies was much more than just the bills, and you believe you’re entitled to compensation for the additional duress.
  • Whistle blowing: You feel it is your duty to warn other about the possible effects the drug may have — and that the company should be held accountable for any damages it may have caused along the way. Whistleblowing may lead to Actos class action lawsuits that span the country.

Keeping abreast of Actos lawsuit news

Being well-informed is the first step to a successful Actos lawsuit claim. Our attorneys make a point of keeping up with news regarding Actos lawsuits or settlement agreements, as well as changes to the current Actos MDL. We encourage you to do the same by providing:

  • Easy-to-use links. We want you to have as much information as possible right at your fingertips. Our site includes links to news sources and information about Actos and the FDA warnings and regulations.
  • An FAQ page. We know that you may have questions about Actos. We answer some of those questions for you on our site.
  • Copies of materials. You should be able to access anything and everything you need to help you make your claim. We give you copies of the information we have to keep you updated.

At the Phillips Law Offices, our attorneys work with you to create a plan that works for your case. We outline your options and discuss the best ways to proceed.

Stay informed with the help of our Chicago-based firm

The Actos lawsuit attorneys at the Phillips Law Offices have more than 65 years of combined experience in the area of pharmaceutical and medical products liability. We use that knowledge to help you. To schedule a free initial consultation, contact us online or by phone at [ln::phone].