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It has been suggested that perhaps as many as 10,000 lawsuits could be filed against the manufacturers of Actos, a drug designed to treat Type 2 diabetes. U.S. courts have hundreds of these cases pending, and more are being filed every day. When this many people choose to file lawsuits against a company, it may be impractical to engage in individual litigation.

At the Phillips Law Offices, our attorneys focus on creating the best possible case for your claim. We outline the different courses of action available to you so that you can decide which type of Actos lawsuit claim you want us to undertake on your behalf.

Choosing the type of lawsuit you wish to pursue

As the victim of medical complications arising from using Actos, you have a number of options available to you should you decide to seek compensation for your injuries. Our medical products liability lawyers ensure that our clients understand all of the possibilities open to them. Depending on the circumstances of your particular claim, you may wish to file as:

  • An independent claimant
  • A member of a class action lawsuit
  • A member of multi-district litigation

As of 2011, Actos class action lawsuits have been filed in California, Illinois, Louisiana, New Jersey and New York — and we have every reason to believe that more are on their way. Our competent Chicago personal injury lawyers advise you about what steps to take when you wish to file a class action lawsuit.

The advantages of filing Actos class action lawsuits

A class action suit involves multiple plaintiffs filing a suit against a single class of defendants. There are a number of advantages in filing a class action lawsuit as opposed to filing an individual claim. Those advantages may include:

  • More efficient litigation. Individual suits require their own individual hearings and court cases. Class action suits eliminate those extra cases, allowing your suit to be heard more quickly.
  • Lower costs to you. Every time you go to court you accrue additional court fees. In a class action case, those fees are divided among all of the plaintiffs.
  • Large compensatory amounts. You may be awarded less money if you file an individual suit. A class action lawsuit is likely to bring in larger amounts of compensation for you and your fellow claimants.

We believe that you should be given the option to pursue your case in the way that works best for you. We offer more than 65 combined years of experience in the personal injury field. Out attorneys keep you informed about changes regarding Actos and the FDA (and other government agencies) as well as additional lawsuits being filed around the country.

Let our Chicago medical products liability lawyers build your case

An Actos class action lawsuit may entitle you to lower fees and greater compensation. We offer you the legal aid necessary to engage in the type of lawsuit that works best for you. Speak with a skilled pharmaceutical products liability lawyer by contacting the Phillips Law Offices by phone at [ln::phone] or online to set up a free initial consultation.