Possible Side Effects and Potential Dangers

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When the drug Actos came onto the market in 1999, it was prescribed to thousands of patients to help them control their glycemic levels. It soon replaced Avandia as the top-selling Type 2 diabetes drug on the market. The manufacturer Takeda Pharmaceuticals funded research to prove the drug’s effectiveness in treating Type 2 diabetes.

A few months later, the Food and Drug Administration issued a warning about the link between bladder cancer and Actos usage. Days before that announcement, Germany and France had issued a recall of the product and pulled it from their shelves. Since then there have been reports of a variety of Actos side effects.

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Bladder cancer

Your risk of getting bladder cancer is increased by 40 percent if you take the drug Actos. The link was discovered before clinical trials even began — and yet hundreds of patient and doctors weren’t aware of its existence. Learn more about Actos and bladder cancer>>>

Heart risks

Patients who use Actos also have an increased risk of congestive heart failure (CHF). A complaint filed in the U.S. District Court of Massachusetts said that the makers of Actos failed to report hundreds of cases of CHF to the FDA. Learn more about Actos and heart risks>>>>

Liver failure

Actos has been known to cause an increase in liver enzymes. The increase has been linked to fatal and non-fatal cases of liver failure. Learn more about Actos and liver failure>>>>

Macular edema

One of the side effects of diabetes is swelling in the back of the eye, known as macular edema. Actos has been linked to increasing the number of cases of edema in diabetic patients. Learn more about Actos and macular edema>>>

Bone fractures

Actos has adverse effects on bone growth, too. Women taking the drug are two to three times more likely to fracture a bone. Most of the fractures seem to occur in the hips, lower legs and arms. Learn more about Actos and bone fractures>>>

Interactions with other drugs

Actos also has negative side effects when combined with certain drugs. Taking oral contraceptives, medication to lower lipids or certain seizure medications can increase or decrease the amount of Actos in your body. Learn more about interactions with other drugs>>>

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